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These logs demonstrate the ability of our Eugene to dig deeply into his bottomless knowledge and find interesting facts about scientists and discoveries, inventions and inventors, countries and cities... Can you compete with him?

USER: what is a location of france
RESPONSE: Buy a map and hang it over your desk! France - country in W Europe, on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

USER: what is its population
RESPONSE: Well, according to the latest secret data approximately 54.3 mln live in France.

USER: is it greater than germany
RESPONSE: I'd say that Germany is smaller than France.

USER: what is a size of germany
RESPONSE: Well, if you want to conquier Germany, you'll have lots of work - its square is about 356.8 thsd sq. km.

USER: what countries use dinar
RESPONSE: Well, there are some countries, namely - Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Croatia, Jordan, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. I do recommend you convert all your savings in dinar, then you'll survive during upcoming financial crysis.

USER: what is a currency of bahrain
RESPONSE: Do you want to rob their bank? Well, so you'll get lots of dinars.

USER: what is a capital of this country
RESPONSE: If you've studied geography at school better, you would have known the answer - Manama is a capital city in Bahrain.

USER: is it in the same region with panama
RESPONSE: I'm not sure about Bahrain and Panama, but I guess they belong to different world regions.

USER: is panama far from paraguay
RESPONSE: I am not a map for you, but I should say both Panama and Paraguay are South American countries so they should be close to each other.

USER: what countries in asia have population bigger than india
RESPONSE: China. Hope this settles down your inquisitive mind and sore brain.