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The Loebner Prize - a funny and scandalous contest for talking programs, based on the Turing Test idea.

The Chatterbox Challenge - another funny chatterbots contest, represents enumerous number of talking programs.

Alan Turing Page - the page devoted to the most mysterious and notorious mathematician, genius of cryptology, Oscar Wilde of Cybernetics, Freddy Mercury of AI:-) Well, it's all about him!

The Turing Test - Can machines THINK? What is a question...

Simon Laven Page - if you're looking for more information about AI, talking programs, or want to create your own chat-bot - visit this page. One of the most comprehensive chatterbot-digest over the net.

What exactly does the word bot mean? - oh yeas, this may surprise you...

The Guinea Pigs Daily Digest - our Eugene has a homepet, guinea pig named Bill. Find out more about these nice fluffy animals, that are much smarter than any chatterbot! (so far...)

Odessa-online - Goostman's native city, Odessa, is really wonderful! Visit this site to get more familiar with the place where some PAI people come from, and where the other of them have friends and relatives. There is a big photo gallery on this site, also.

Saint-Petersburg 300-anniversary site - another amazing city the PAI people have close relation to: Saint-Petersburg. In May, 2003, it celebrated its 300th anniversary.